Paradigm Partners

This is an exclusive division established to work directly with Children’s and Adult Services engaged on specific projects or tasks that are often time limited or work specific. These projects are designed to increase efficiencies and support Local Authority development plans.

We have teams of Professional Social Workers and Managers who will partner with existing services and offer support or complete standalone pieces of work as needed. Example of current projects include:

  • clearing backlogs of un-allocated cases and help reduce the caseloads for existing teams
  • complete continuing healthcare assessments
  • case managing highly complex child protection and court cases

All our projects teams will work in partnership with you to improve performance and capability.

Our project teams are managed proactively and efficiently and we are clear about expected results and time frames. Our processes are transparent and throughout the project we have open and consistent communication channels.

For more information on how we can help you please contact our Project Team on 0203 954 0133 or 07484 911 216.